Varieties of Wall Paint and finishes.

Choosing the right paint for the job can be a little bit daunting for the relatively inexperienced painter. Hopefully we can offer some guidance with a description of the various categories of paint types most commonly used. There are basically 5 types of paint finishes used by painters around the home or workplace. These types are categorised by their reflectiveness.


Flat paints or Matte paints as they are called get their name because they have the least amount of shine . They offer very good coverage , in fact it’s superior to any other paint type. They require fewer coats to cover up blemishes or imperfections such as nail holes or other small indentations. Although they’re top of the class for coverage, they are however the least durable type of paint. If treated with cleaner they will be damaged. They are best used in low-traffic areas not subject to too much wear and tear. It’s probably best to use them in places like dining rooms, and on surfaces that aren’t touched too much like ceilings.

Eggshell Paints:

A popular choice today are Eggshell finishes. As their name implies they  have a more lustrous finish than matte paints. They have the beautiful and delicate low sheen of an eggshell. They’re more durable than the matte finishes and they do cover imperfections. However they’re not quite as durable as satin or gloss finishes. They are great to use in places with low or medium traffic. They can really enhance living rooms, hallways and entryways.


Themostcommonly used paints in interiors are the Satin finishes. They have a beautiful velvety sheen and are easier to clean than matte and eggshell paints. They can handle the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas such as family rooms, kitchens ,playrooms and even bathrooms and laundry rooms. Just be aware if using them that their sheen is more likely to reveal brush strokes, making touch-ups a little bit tricky later on.


Semi-gloss finishes are reflective and shiny. They can be used to good effect in rooms that are subjected to a lot of moisture and wear and tear on an almost daily basis. They’re extremely durable and even mildew resistant , and make a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. They’re also good for skirting boards and trim generally. However as they do have a glossier finish any imperfections will show up more on them than on less shiny paints.


The shiniest finish of all the paints is found on the High-Gloss paints.  They can even handle daily scrubbing as they are the most washable and durable of all the types. High-Gloss paints can be used to great effect on doors , trim, and cabinets. As well as being an interior paint, this paint type can be used on outdoor details as well. It can be used for the likes of shutters on the outside. However, a word of caution, you need to do your prep work well when using this finish as it can potentially show up many imperfections when applied incorrectly.

Hopefully this consideration of the qualities and advantages of the various paint types and where to use them to best advantage will be helpful to you on your painting journey going forward. 

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