Freshen up your interior space at low cost with these simple wall paint ideas.

“It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do”. We’ve probably all heard this said at some point, and it’s just so true.  A fresh lick of paint on the walls, emphasising a special feature on a wall, indeed creating a statement wall, or giving expression to your “inner artist” with some unique and creative paint effects, can be transformative. Indeed paint can be used in countless ways to freshen up your space, from block painting, special paint effects and giving a new vibe to some of your current furniture. If you’re overwhelmed by the myriad of choices you have don’t forget we’re only a phone call or email away. 

Highlighting an area or corner in a dual-function room. 

If you want to create an area in a room designated for your work, study, reading, dining, or any niche activity, then paint a corner or section of a wall in a different colour or shade. This adds an extra splash of colour and helps to distinguish or separate this area visually.

The effect of clean lines on your space.

The clean lines of a rectangular/geometric paint section help to “zone” an area for special use, and along with the placement of plants and seating etc. can be used to conceal features like an extra door that you don’t want to use just now. The skilled use of wall paint can assist the transition from a uniform and neutral interior to a more colourful , brighter and multifunctional space. 

Rounded abstract shapes , circles of a different colour or shade on a wall can also be used to great effect in brightening up a room and are a popular choice.

Creating  home office  or work from home space.

Nowadays increasing numbers of people are choosing or needing to work from home. This is driven by varied concerns, that range from wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, to not wanting to be tied to a particular area to get a job. Wanting to improve their work/life balance and be closer to family while working, or having to isolate for health reasons , or indeed working for an online company can all be contributing factors.

For various reasons people are needing to create additional functional and inspiring work spaces in their homes. Spare bedrooms, secluded corners, alcoves in bigger spaces, even hallways and under the stairs areas are being utilised. As we mentioned earlier when a part of a room or an area is being used as an office and the rest of the space has a different function, clever use of paint can help delineate and define the work area.

Some people like to use a diagonal line as it creates an ambiance of interest and creativity. You can create a contrast between light and dark in your colour choices that can be very affective too. Try painting your working area in a darker bolder shade to concentrate the mind, and the rest of the room in lighter tones to keep the general vibe bright and stimulating too.

Within the work area little touches like painting a frame around your noticeboard in a lighter or even pastel colour can add depth and aesthetic appeal also.

In a small working area a simple strip of paint the same width as the desk and storage, delineates and grounds the space, and adds a vibrant pop of colour. Yellow as a colour comes to mind as one that can elevate the mood and make you happy even while grappling with awkward problems!

Half height effects that brighten up a room.

If you create a horizontal line around your room and dissect the wall with colour this is a great way to enhance the decor. The line doesn’t have to be exactly half way up the wall. Go with what looks and feels right for you , along with the placing of furniture etc. in the room.There may be, or you might want to put a picture rail or a dado rail , in the room that influences how you divide the paintwork.

Bedroom headboard.

Create the illusion of a headboard if you don’t actually have one by a clever use of paint. Simply paint a low strip of paint across the bottom section of the wall behind your bed and you’ll have the illusion of a headboard at a budget price. This is also a great chance to break away from the neutrals and introduce a new shade or contrasting colour. Mind you, you don’t have to keep it simple, you can be as creative as you like!

Paint effects to give your space some personality.

Pairing your paint sectioning with a suitable wallpaper is another great way to brighten up and freshen your rooms. Here again it doesn’t have to be a strict 50/50 split. For example in a hallway. Wall hooks, paintings, furniture, clothes hooks etc can help you decide what are the best proportions for the division. It’s your space go with what feels comfortable and appeals to you visually as well.

Hopefully you will be confident and creative now, and enjoy the process of transforming your home with the magic wand of the paint brush!

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