Color Schemes

Choosing Unique Color Schemes for Your Home

When deciding the overall colour scheme for a particular room don’t be tempted to choose the  colour for walls, backgrounds, ceiling, doors first. There is such an abundance of colours, textures and shades to choose from, and paint is relatively inexpensive and can be matched to almost any imaginable colour you eventually decide on. Instead begin your colour search with those elements that are not so flexible. Look at the fixed elements like furniture, tiling, wallpapers and fabrics. Base your paint colours on these.

Color Schemes

The Different Kind of Paints And Their Uses

Choosing the right paint for the job can be a little bit daunting for the relatively inexperienced painter. Hopefully we can offer some guidance with a description of the various categories of paint types most commonly used. There are basically 5 types of paint finishes used by painters around the home or workplace. These types are categorised by their reflectiveness.